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Chegg Partners With Eagles’ Long, ‘Pledge 10 for Tomorrow’ Campaign

Pledge 10

The Chris Long Foundation announced today that Chegg, Inc., a Smarter Way to Student, has joined the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow campaign. Chegg is joining the effort by making a financial gift of $30,000 and giving a $100 credit for textbooks and a year of free access to Chegg Study for all college students served by the four organizations selected as beneficiaries of the program; Summer Search Boston, Summer Search Philadelphia, College Bound (St. Louis) and The Little Bit Foundation (St. Louis).

Pledge 10 for Tomorrow was launched by Chris Long to raise funds to support organizations that focus on educational equity and opportunity in the three markets that Long has played in during his NFL career – St. Louis, Boston and Philadelphia. The campaign was kicked off with a pledge by Long to give his game earnings from the last 10 games of the 2017 NFL season to this cause. Long challenged fans and businesses to take the pledge with him and donate to have a greater impact.

Chris Long is a role model to young adults across the nation. His amazing spirit of generosity and compassion, and his dedication to giving back to the communities he has played professional sports in, make us proud to join him in his efforts towards creating education equity. Pledge 10 for Tomorrow gives students the opportunity to succeed when they may not have otherwise been given that chance,” said Dan Rosensweig, Chairman and CEO of Chegg. “As a student-first organization, it is our mission to level the playing field to make education more attainable, accessible and affordable for everyone. By donating Chegg resources, products, and services to the organizations Chris is working with, we can further democratize and align the education system to focus on student success.”

Long committed $100,000 to each of the four benefiting organizations and put a $50,000 prize on the line for the city that received the most pledges through week 17 of the NFL season, which St. Louis claimed. Long hoped his gift would spark donations that would at least double his investment. The result of the regular season campaign exceeded that with fans tripling Long’s donation, giving an additional $1.3 million. Chegg’s donation will add to that total, pushing the total investment in educational equity to over $1.75 million.

“Chegg works every day to help students save time, save money and remove obstacles from attaining an education, and I am honored to have them join Pledge 10,” says Long. “I am humbled by the generous financial gift and the products and services donated, that will make a tangible difference in the lives of students. Gifts like this make me sure Pledge 10 will catalyze educational success for underserved students for years to come.”

Fans can still join Long and Chegg in forwarding educational equity efforts through the NFL postseason. For those that wish to join the cause and/or learn more about the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow campaign and its beneficiaries, please visit

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