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Basketball legend Ronald “Flip” Murray to be honored at The Alumni League All-Star Game

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The Alumni League in partnership with FiDonce Sports Facility to honor Ronald “Flip” Murray, NBA basketball legend, for his contributions to basketball and the city of Philadelphia. The recognition will take place Saturday April 28th, with a half-time ceremony at The Alumni League All-Star Game.

Philadelphia, come out, support, and pay homage to Ronald “Flip” Murray, Philadelphia’s own basketball legend. After playing at Strawberry Mansion High, Flip went on to play at Shaw University, and then went on to play a successful 10 years in the NBA.

The Alumni League All-Star Game is between the Eastern and Western conferences. Players in the league comprise of many current Pro Players, ex-NBA players, and ex-college players, along with top street players. The game should be fast-paced and competitive. Definitely a game worth coming to see. Many players you will recognize if you have been involved in Philadelphia Basketball. Murray will be suiting up for the Eastern Conference team.

The half-time ceremony proceedings will include retiring Flip’s high school jersey #22, as should have been done at Strawberry Mansion a long time ago. Mansion will be closing its doors as a Philadelphia Public High School in the near future, so something needed to be done. Flip’s banner will be hoisted up in the rafters at FiDonce Sports Facility alongside other notable greats such as Tyreke Evans, current NBA star on the Memphis Grizzlies Roster, and rising basketball stars Cam Reddish and Shep Garner (NCAA-PSU). Flip deserves the accolades and recognition for his achievements and contributions to Philadelphia Basketball.

CEO/Commissioner, Fahreed Cheatham noted, “The Alumni League is proud to be able to honor Flip Murray as should have been done a long time ago. We are honored to have Flip playing in our league, as he sets the bar so high, and lifts and inspires others around him. I have known Flip since we played on the Strawberry Mansion Team together in High School, some 20 years ago. He was always a game changer, so dynamic and athletic, still is. We appreciate the skill, talent, athleticism, and inspiration he brings to our league. With players of Flip’s caliber involved, The Alumni League is setting itself in a class of its own.” A Strawberry Mansion alumni himself, Cheatham was a former college basketball player with Cheyney University, and a former player with Philadelphia Destroyers. He won MVP of American Professional Basketball League (APBL) in 2013 and 2014.

The buzz is strong about The Alumni League, especially with the unrivalled commitment to doing good for others, along with highly competitive basketball. The alumni have already given $1000 towards 2 x $500 scholarships for schools represented in The Alumni League finals, and are well on their way to giving another $1000 to 2 schools, this time raising the capital through a partnership with Stark Energy Drinks. Every sale goes towards a scholarship. Additionally, in keeping with the charitable commitment, the league has run a successful canned food drive that benefited the homeless in the northern suburbs, and a Holiday Toy Drive.

Huge shoutout and congratulations to Ronald “Flip” Murray. The Alumni League is definitely the league to watch and FiDonce Sports Facility is definitely the venue to hold sporting events.

Game will tip-off at 4:30pm on Saturday April 28th, with ceremony to honor “Flip” Murray to take place at half-time. Event will take place at FiDonce Sporting Facility, 3640 G St, Philadelphia. There will be an entry fee of $5.

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