Philadelphia Sports Day

FiDonce Pro-Am set to re-energize Philly with Some Big Name NBA Players Onboard


FiDonce Pro-Am is about to bring back to Philadelphia, a high level of Summer basketball competition, unlike it has seen in years. Tip off is this Sunday at 4pm. Games will be held Sunday afternoons and Monday & Wednesday evenings through early August at Fidonce Sporting Facility.

The team rosters are loaded with NBA players, overseas Pro players, and NCAA players. Heading up Team EI4 Success is NBA Star Tyreke Evans (Memphis Grizzlies), with a strong team that includes NCAA D1 Standout Shep Garner (Penn State), and Rondae Jefferson (Brooklyn Nets, Prev. Portland Trailblazers). Team TYGTAL is loaded with popular philadelphian former NBA player, Dionte Christmas (Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics), current NBA big man George Papagiannis (Portland Trailblazers, prev. Sacramento Kings), former NBA Player Hakim Warrick (Memphis Grizzlies, currently plays in Israeli league), along with some high profile current NCAA players. There are 16 teams in all, and each team will play 8 games regular season, with play-offs and a 3-game league championship in early August.

The FiDonce Pro-Am core management team are Eric “Pooh” Evans (CEO), Fahreed Cheatham (Commissioner), Elisa O’Keefe-Smith (VP), and Saleem Brown (Director).

FiDonce Pro-Am will align itself with charitable organizations, and will look to give back to the surrounding communities.

Looking forward to a successful first Summer 2018 Season of The FiDonce Pro-Am.

Get your popcorn ready.

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