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Chegg Teams With Zach & Julie Ertz On Educational Campaign

Today on National Philanthropy Day, Chegg Inc. (NYSE: CHGG), the Smarter Way to Student, has partnered with record-setting Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, to launch a charitable campaign benefitting the Ertz Family Foundation.

Julie Ertz (Jamie Smed)

Chegg will give $860.00 dollars for every first down and $1,086.00 dollars for every touchdown recorded by Ertz for a contribution of up to $86,000.00 to the Foundation. Ertz, who is enjoying a record-setting year, will no doubt secure the maximum benefit for the Foundation. Chegg chose to honor Ertz’s jersey number 86 by tying campaign dollar amounts to it. The campaign started on the National Football League (NFL) regular season opening game on Sept. 1, 2018 and will run through Feb. 10, 2019. To date, Ertz has achieved 42 first downs and five touchdowns this season, earning $41,550from Chegg. Chegg is currently the Foundation’s largest corporate donor.

“Everything we do at Chegg is about putting students and learning first,” said Dan Rosensweig, CEO of Chegg. “Partnering with Zach and the Ertz Family Foundation not only achieves our vision for education, but also supports their mission to empower others by sharing learning through sports, and advancing education to build supportive communities,” added Rosensweig.

Ertz is an NFL star tight end and integral part of the Eagles’ 2017 world championship win. He has been honored as an NFL Pro Bowl nominee in 2017 and was recently named the NFLPA Community MVP for Week 5 as a result of his work to change the lives of children in Haiti through the Foundation’s scholarship program. Ertz and his wife Julie Johnston Ertz, a World Champion and starter for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, established the Ertz Family Foundation this year. Both are very active in their community and dedicated to promoting education.

“I have the privilege – and I believe a duty and calling – as a professional athlete to use my public platform to do good for others and create a path forward in education for those in need,” said Ertz. “We are excited to be working with Chegg to provide educational opportunities for youth and raise public awareness for the need of greater educational support for students.”

(Cover Image: Keith Allison)

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