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Foles, Sanchez Among Swet Tailor Devotees

Adam Bolden

There’s a new player in the apparel game, one that is gaining notice among professional athletes, with some current and former Philadelphia stars helping the build the momentum. Swet Tailor may not be challenging Nike or adidas in athletic wear, but when the game is over, more and more players are turning to the new brand as it seeks to carve out a new category of stylish, comfortable clothing for traveling, office, casual events and the like.

For stars like Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, Eagles star TE Zach Ertz, former Eagle now Washington QB Mark Sanchez and others, that might mean a press conference, charter flight to another city or just a meet-and-greet with fans–where a dress suit might be too much, and athletic apparel not quite enough.

It would take the combined efforts of a sports fan and a fashion industry veteran to get such a venture going, and Swet Tailor has those in Philadelphia native Adam Bolden (the sports guy) and David Kranz (the fashion guy). Together, and along with some fortuitous connections along the way (and a new round of seed funding acquired late last month), the brand is finding its way onto athlete’s bodies, with more on the way.

“I wrote Foles a letter right after the Super Bowl,” said Bolden, who, like Foles, is a University of Arizona graduate. “I told him about Swet Tailor, mentioned I was at his games, talked about the clothes and the brand, not really sure what would happen. He wrote back with some remarks, and though he wore Kenneth Cole for his TV appearances–that was the right call–he was interested and wore Swet Tailor for other events.”

It was that start, less than a year ago, that got the ball rolling, as Foles let some of his teammates, including Ertz, know what he’d learned about Swet Tailor. It’s not a formal relationship that the brand has with the athletes, per se, but for Kranz and Bolden, what they have may be even better–an organic approval by influencers, in this case high profile athletes.

The players, and also in this case, Eagles quarterbacks coach Press Taylor, appreciate what Kranz and Bolden describe as “clothes that move with you.” The current line includes pants, shorts, joggers, shirts, tees, sweatshirts and hats, with a jacket soon to be in production. It’s not quite “athleisure,” but “everyday everywear,” as they call it.

The next logical step, particularly following the funding round, may be to get the Swet Tailor logo, branding and clothing out there more prominently in mass media. The slow-play campaigns have been effective to a degree, with website and boutique shop sales already in place. With more exposure and awareness of the brand just ahead, Swet Tailor may be on its way to separating itself in the market.

Cover Image: Adam Bolden (L) sporting a Mark Sanchez Eagles jersey, with Sanchez (c) as member of Washington

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