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Former Phillie Doug Glanville on the MLB All Star move…

Marquee Sports Network

Prior to Saturday’s Cubs-Pirates matchup on Marquee Sports Network, former MLB star with the Phillies, Cubs and Rangers, University of Pennsylvania graduate and longtime instructor at Penn, Yale and now the University of Connecticut Doug Glanville offered up his thoughts. Doug is also the host of Marquee’s new monthly sports issues show, “Class Is In Session.”

Doug’s comments are from :48 to 1:48

Key thoughts:


“MLB, when you go back in time to Jackie Robinson was at the center of the civil rights issue. However since then most of the time they have kind of followed (other sports), so to take this lead position (on moving the All-Star Game) was a big step. They have made a commitment to make sure that this is something reflective of sports, it is about equity, fairness and having those discussions, even though you might not have perfect outcomes you have to take positions. MLB has made a bold statement and put activity behind it. We will see what happens, this is a new unchartered territory, this will not be simple but they have decided to dive into the deep part of the pool here.”

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